1. Athena Business Academy is operated by Athena Business Group Ltd based at 21F The Granaries, Nelson Street, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 5DY.

  2. By submitting the course application form you understand that your place on the Business Academy course is not guaranteed and subject to review and acceptance.

  3. Attendance and completion of the course offers no guarantee to business success or growth although we will provide the tools and guidance as specified in the course outline and offer support to the best of our ability.

  4. As the course will be attended by other business owners you are asked to respect any confidential and private information you may hear or see during the sessions.

  5. The opinions of others attending the course are also to be respected.

  6. If you are experiencing difficulties or have any issues or concerns during the course duration you are asked to speak directly to one of the trainers at your first available opportunity.

  7. Cleared funds are required for each course fee in advance of the session start time by Direct Debit. You will be asked to set up payment details after your application has been accepted.

  8. Failure to provide clear funds in advance of the course start time may result in your place being cancelled. If you are experiencing difficulty in paying please speak to one of the trainers at your earliest convenience.

  9. Refund policy subject to individual cases. Should you discover that the course is not working for you please speak to one of the trainers at your earliest opportunity.

  10. Intellectual property of the course material is owned by Athena Business Group Ltd

Athena Business Academy - Terms and Conditions