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Why I love the word "Team"!

As I write I'm spending my last evening in Cornwall after a week's break on this beautiful rugged coastline. Half term is almost over and soon it will be back to my usual full-on working week which I adore.

While I've been away I've kept in contact with Martine and Karen, my super duper team! They have carried on with our client's work; sorted PAYE set ups with our Payroll Genius Sarah, on-boarded new clients, collected papers to process and I'm pleased to say have coped without me ... which is what a great team is all about.

Why do I love this word so much? Well to start with I hate the term "employee" or "staff" or even worse "worker". To me they smack of days gone by when it was a "them and us" mentality. You had your bosses (who were generally disliked) then the staff, the employees or the workers (who generally felt hard done by, hated their jobs and couldn't wait to get home on a Friday night at 5pm!!)

Yes everyone has their skill set and yes there are more senior roles and responsibilities in each team. In my view though, everyone is as important as each other. Like the mechanism in a fine tuned clock, if you have one piece missing it doesn't


So at Athena Business Services we work as a team. We support each other, cover each other when we're away, help and assist when needed because that's how we all achieve more!

Sending my thanks to Martine, Karen and Sarah for holding the fort back there in Norfolk so brilliantly this week. x