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Full Circle

‘When something completes its cycle and returns to the beginning '

There are no rules in the universe to say how long any particular cycle takes to complete, a week, month, year, decade or lifetime. I can say with the greatest pride and satisfaction it has taken a 23 year cycle to get to where I am today in my accounts career. To a place my former 17 year old office junior self, would never have imagined.

Do I regret dropping out of sixth form after only one term to take up a trainee position in an Accountancy practice in King’s Lynn ? ….. I haven't looked back since. It was here I built the foundations of my knowledge, which I still apply to my work all these years on.

This was the mid 90's, computerised accounts were still a luxury for most small businesses. I learnt the old school way: ledger books and extended trial balances. I fondly remember the thrill of everything balancing first time, and if it didn't, having to methodically check my workings. I would spend hours looking for a few pence or pounds, because in accounts every debit has its equal credit, an amazingly clever system that dates back to the 13th Century.

In the intervening 20 years I've held two very different accounts jobs out of town. Firstly for a Company whose Parent is a major PLC, preparing 4 weekly management accounts. Looking back now with my former colleague, we can't believe the mountain of paper we used to process every week. More recently I've left a family owned business where everything accounts related passed its way over my desk: purchase ledger, credit control, journals, fixed assets, wages and much more.

That was me happily ticking along for years down the traditional route and that is where I thought I’d remain for the foreseeable future, but life has a habit of dealing you a surprise set of cards. I'm not one to embrace change easily, but I have finally recognised this over the years and tried hard to improve my reactions. Sometimes you have no option but to say enough is enough and realise for your own self worth you need to move on. I knew I was looking for something different and unique after such a long time, where I could be somebody more than another name on the payroll.

I had been introduced to Business Networking at the beginning of 2017. It awakened and ignited something inside me I never expected. The buzz from a room full of business owners and entrepreneurs was a surprise. Their energy, passion and positive vibe inspired me.

I started gaining a whole new set of non accounting skills and a massive shift in mindset and confidence. A milestone birthday year approached too, something which always makes you take stock on life. At the end of June, a twist of fate found me in the right place at the right time to be given Nikki Butlin’s contact. I knew of Nikki from way back in college days. Nikki's Athena business was growing rapidly, and in need of another pair of hands. We met, chatted and found we shared many common values and a passion for bookkeeping.

Within days I was writing a letter of resignation and I have now been enjoying my first month in Athena's new office located in a beautiful and ancient part of King's Lynn, Norfolk as part of a unique team of working Mums. I’ve emerged from processing massive paper stacks to working in the Cloud! For the majority of the week I work independently while the other Team Athena members are off site with clients.

I’m getting out from behind the desk and building those essential business relationships based on trust and integrity. Being directly involved in client’s day to day number crunching and relieving them of the administrative burden so they can concentrate on working and growing their own fabulous businesses.

This has ticked all the boxes for my unique opportunity and I'm full circle; back in town, in an accountancy and bookkeeping practice but with 23 years experience behind me. It’s an exciting beginning to the next cycle of my working life, being able to develop my own role and identity within the most fantastic and supportive girl - powered environment and historic setting.

We all have choices in life and excuses will always be there for you, opportunities won't ! Follow your instincts, take a leap of faith, believe in yourself. You will be unstoppable on your future journey.