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Working ON not IN your business (and what’s the difference?)

It's December, the end of the working year is fast approaching and another twelve months beckons with exciting possibilities! We'll be adding to our Athena Team in January (more news to follow soon) and adding to our office space too.

All good so far I hear you say...except if I don't stay on top of the overall management of the business it will come unstuck, not to mention I may lose my mind in the process! (I jest!)

So over the past weekend I spent time working ON my business instead of being engrossed IN tasks and client work and boy do I feel better about the new year starting in less than four weeks.

For it's all well and good growing, expanding, building your client base and your team but without good processes and procedures in place it will quickly transgress from a small organised entity to a big unwholly mess if you're not careful.

On Friday night, while looking at my long to do list written out on my A4 writing pad (I do love a writing pad) I kept looking at it and looking at it, not really knowing which task to work on first. Everything appeared to be as important as the next task and it ALL needed completing.

After an hour of mental roundabouts, copious amounts of tea and little progress I sat down to have a chat with myself!

This way of working, albeit successful for almost four years is unsustainable. Holding numerous amounts of facts and information in my head isn't going to allow my company to grow. Our new team member joining in January is not going to learn our processes without them being properly written down.

So I set to work on developing my business structure further; the software I have in place and the software I need to improve our processes so I can hand them over seamlessly and the team can pick them up straight away.

That very act took me from working IN my business to working ON it. That 2-3 hours will see my business growth through the next six months at least before I need to ramp things up again.

I use many software programmes in my company, most of them cloud based but I've been missing a key piece for scheduling tasks. So after some research I set up on Trello and am now expanding the tasks and lists I had on my notepaper to clear and concise online tasks that I can share with my team. I can post links to documents and repeat the tasks enabling the smooth running of the business to continue.

Sometimes you just need to step back to see the bigger picture. I'm glad I did!