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Have the flexibility to make changes

This Christmas has been one of plan changes all round. People suffering badly with illness, travel plans disrupted, unexpected drives in torrential rain and so on.

Has it been a bad Christmas? Not at all! It's been one filled with lots of laughter, smiley happy faces, family connections, pantomimes and fun.

As I wandered my lovely village this morning stomping through puddles in my walking boots it hit me that you have to be flexible with plans. That applies not only to your personal life but to your business too. The way that you approach a problem or hurdle can be the difference between success and failure.

Character is what makes a person and in business I've learnt that it's not the most intelligent people or the people with the best ideas that are still around after numerous years, its those with the strength of character to survive the journey.

If you deal with the issues negatively, if they stress you out, then that's no good for anyone. Many of these problems are no one's fault and so it's better to take them on the chin and then ask yourself what you can do instead? How can I get around this? What do I need to do to get things done. Find a solution and find it quickly.

Yesterday while travelling back from London our train passed our stop and we had to head up to King's Lynn and wait for the next train back. An inconvenience after a long and enjoyable day but there was no point getting het up or stressed. In fact I quite like it when these things happen and I'm with my daughter because I can show her, even get her to solve the issue for us, and she did!

In my business I have plans, of course I do, but they're not rigid and they're not set in stone. My clients may have alternative requests or a new technology may surface that can do a job better. The economy may throw something into the mix that needs an immediate shift of focus for us internally. How can you possibly write these into a plan?

You have to be ready and willing to make the changes as they're needed. Failure to do so because it doesn't fit in with your five year plan may scupper your future growth.

Be flexible, be ready to find a solution to a problem that hits you when you're least expecting it. Be ready to steer your business through choppy waters if need be. Have your end goal in sight and nothing will stop you on your way.

Best wishes to you all for a prosperous new year :-)