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Why September is the 'other' January!

I pick up where I left off at the end of term, how quickly 6 weeks flashes by ! We now look ahead to the fresh new start given to us all with the beginning of September upon us.

We've enjoyed our days out and holidays, made memories and juggled work and family life even more than term time. But it's now time for us all to put on those shiny new shoes and head out to our new term at school, work, college or university.

Luckily we are going to have some more warm sunny weather before the real chill of autumn sets in over the coming weeks. This is my favourite time of the year and will be embracing the changes the new season brings.

We still have chance to achieve our personal, health or professional goals. Or return to anything we have wobbled on over the last few months - get back on track and make the 122 days left of 2018 count, don't give up and wait until 1st January.

Seize each day as an opportunity to grow and improve yourself. Be proud of even the smallest steps of progress made along the way. You are by-passing those who are lingering and waiting until tomorrow, next week, next year.

You will never have THIS DAY again. Appreciate and be thankful for your family, friends, work, health, homes and another harvest safely gathered in.

Here at Athena Business Services we will be celebrating our 1st anniversary in our King's Lynn office and look forward to helping our clients with their own business challenges and goals to ensure they keep on track heading into 2019.

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