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The Human Touch this Valentines Day!

We now live in a world of digital existence the dynamics of the bookkeeper are changing.

HMRC is launching its MTD service in April and as HMRC strive to reach their ambition to be the most effective tax system in the world all businesses in the UK will have to get on board the MTD bandwagon eventually and embrace the change (I am sure there will be bumps in the road)!

In a world where artificial Intelligence and automation is accelerating Athena Business Services in partnership with Xero is embracing the change. One thing that Artificial Intelligence can’t do is offer the HUMAN TOUCH and by allowing technology to serve our new and existing clients, we have been able to provide a much more beneficial and proactive service offering. By helping small business owners to have their financial information at their fingertips, it has enabled them to look to the future with more clarity and for us to work with them to make sure their business is on course to succeed.

The days of the paper ledger books, bags of receipts, piles of paper bank statements, sitting there on a Sunday evening trawling through paperwork trying to piece to all together on an excel spreadsheet will soon be gone forever. The experience of putting the ‘books in’ to the accountant at the year end to find out some months later how your business is doing will soon be a thing of the past! With the growth of artificial intelligence, small business owners want more from their book keeping services, they want the HUMAN TOUCH!

We aren’t a machine we BUILD RELATIONSHIPS we don’t run of a script or have automated responses, we like to ENGAGE (pick up the phone) and aim to offer REASSURANCE. Many of our clients now see us as an extension of their team not just a brought in service. We use our CONNECTIONS with other professionals to make sure our clients are receiving the ADVICE and GUIDANCE they need, helping to point them in the right direction.

There is a fine line between doing the work and managing the business, business owners have to wear many hats! We have built TRUST with our clients which enables us to wear their ‘Bookkeepers hat’ as they know they are receiving a service which is not only backed up by great technology, but with more added value, allowing them to manage their business more efficiently, by increasing margins, streamlining operations, controlling costs and improving profitability.

Both I, Nikki, Karen, Sarah and Martine come from different backgrounds and are able to DRAW ON EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE within business (and life) to help our clients navigate their way through the many challenges small businesses have to endure in today’s modern technological driven world. By drawing on our experiences we can help clients USE JUDGEMENT which has evolved from evidence and experience when it comes to making important and critical business decisions.

Most small businesses are emotionally involved with their business we understand the EMOTIONS, INTUITION, COMPASSION and EMPATHY that small business owners have when it come to their business.

We provide a platform for our clients to DISCUSS, THINK AND SOLVE issues, offering CREATIVE IDEAS .

We provide HAPPINESS, ENCOURAGEMENT, WISDOM (after all we are Athena) and LOVE to our clients… ……and wish all existing clients and prospective new clients a happy valentines day with a HUMAN TOUCH. X