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Bookkeeping Nostalgia

We do enjoy a little nostalgia here at Athena, reminiscing our early days in the bookkeeping trade with fond memories of Extended Trial Balances, T - accounts and till rolls without a computer in sight.

Having recently discovered this bookkeepers gold, ‘Elementary Book-Keeping’ by L.C. Cropper F.C.A., published in 1928, it is fascinating the end goal remains unchanged some 80 years later. Gone are the days of rows and rows of clerks sitting at Bob Cratchit style desks with dusty ledger books.

Athena endorses the amazingly efficient cloud software Xero to aid our 21st century bookkeeping to deliver a high quality and timely service to our clients so they can be up to date with their business performance by weekly, monthly or quarterly reporting from us.

BOOK-KEEPING is the art of recording in a suitable form a person’s business dealings, so that, at any time, their nature and effect may be clearly seen.

A trader should be able to ascertain from his books clearly and readily how he stands, and what is the result of his various transactions.

The test of good book-keeping is that it should supply the greatest amount of necessary information with the least possible trouble. ‘

Source : Elementary Book-Keeping by L.C. Cropper F.C.A

If you are a small business owner and need to free up your time to concentrate on taking your business to the next level contact us at Athena Business Services to take care of your bookkeeping requirements with the least amount of trouble to you.

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